The Proposal

Michael from the east coast of Florida was coming to Naples with his girlfriend Cathryn and they were staying at the Vanderbilt Beach Resort. She did not know it but he was going to surprise her with a proposal of marriage! He contacted me and was interested in having us play for this. So excited to be a part of this- we love surprises!

The plan was for them to have dinner at the Turtle Club and then come out to the beach afterwards to watch the sunset.  He had chosen the Seaside Strings Duo ( I recommended violin and viola since we wouldn’t have to worry about chairs) and Joan and I were waiting for them when they came out onto the beach at around 7:15 pm. We introduced ourselves and then began to play the songs Michael requested. Several times Cathryn would exclaim that was one of her favorites- Michael chose well!

The songs were Dream a Little Dream of Me, Happy, Lucky,  Fly Me to the Moon and Just the Way You Are Amazing.

At this point, we heard thunder and saw a very dark cloud headed our way. We all decided it was probably best to move into their room and we did just in time! It began to rain buckets and we got stuck under the valet stand for a bit. Eventually we made a run for it and went to the couple’s room.

We continued to play: Por Una Cabeza Tango, Que Sera Sera, What a Wonderful World, When I’m 64, All My Loving, Moondance and Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You. As we played Part of Your World, Michael got down on his knees and proposed. SHE SAID YES!  It gave me goosebumps! Still does, when I think about it. What a romantic evening!
We finished with When You Wish Upon a Star and then got to see the ring! What a super couple and we wish them much happiness. Congratulations Michael and Cathryn!


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