Harvest Field Church, Fort Myers FL

Each wedding we are involved in is wonderfully different. Our wedding last weekend was especially unique- it was completely spoken in Portuguese!

Our Brazilian couple, Ieda and Christopher, originally planned an outdoor wedding. Just a month before their date, they changed to an indoor location, the Harvest Field Church in Fort Myers. What a good thing they did since the day turned out to be a very rainy one! The couple chose the Seaside Strings Violin and Cello duo  to provide the music for their wedding ceremony and we were booked for an hour and a half.

Harvest Field ChurchWe were warned by the couple that things would probably start late.  They told their guests the wedding would start at 6, hoping to start at 6:30. When we began prelude music at 6:15, a few guests had arrived. Ieda and Chris had a few requests and then left the rest of the selections up to me. Ieda loved the song “All I Ask of You” from Phantom and Chris requested 2 songs by Guns N Roses, “Patience” and ” November Rain”. At 7:15, we checked in with one of the groomsmen and were told they expected to start at 7:30.  Ieda had requested that we play Delibes Flower Duet just before the ceremony so we were able to fulfill that request.

We began to play Pachelbel’s Canon in D for the Entrance of the Pastor, Bible Boy and the Entrance of the Groom, Chris, with his Parents. The Bridesmaids , Groomsmen and a group of children entered to the Israel Kamakawiwo’ole version of “Over the Rainbow”. The last boy carried a sign ” Here Comes the Bride”. Ieda chose “A Thousand Years” for her entrance music.

The Pastor began to talk and unfortunately we were unable to understand since he spoke in Portuguese. But, it was neat to see little smiles flit over the faces of Ieda and Chris and in places everyone laughed.  When he concluded his remarks, Ieda and Chris gave me a signal and we began to play” Oceans ( Where Feet May Fail)” by Hillsong for the entrance of 2 young girls. One brought forward the rings and the other the wine and bread. At the conclusion of the wedding ceremony, the Pastor looked over at us to indicate it was time to play and we played “Marry You” as the Recessional. Nobody really exited, they went immediately into taking pictures. So I appreciated the help of the Pastor! A lot of guests remained in the sanctuary so we did as well (originally we were going to move to the reception hall). Chris had agreed to an hour overtime so we continued to play for about another 15 minutes while pictures were being taken and guests were mingling.

It was a pleasure to meet Ieda and Chris after all our phone calls and emails to each other. What a beautiful bride and a lovely couple. We wish them many years of happiness!


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