White Orchid

It is near the end of August and on this Saturday, Diane Coffman and I traveled to White Orchid at Oasis in Fort Myers for the morning wedding of Dan and Monica. The Seaside Strings Violin and Cello Duo was chosen to provide the wedding ceremony music and just a bit of reception time as well. The plan was to begin on the front porch and then move to the back yard where the ceremony would be held. Ceremony time was set for around 11:30 am and we would begin to play at 10:45 am. Before we started to play, I went in the back to check on our chairs and met the ladies from Enchanted Florist of Cape Coral. I really liked the way they incorporated the existing fountain with the ceremony set up. It looked lovely and very romantic. The ceremony was set up quite differently from our previous visits to this venue. The ceremony site was very near the building instead of right near the water. The paved sidewalk made a perfect aisle.

White Orchid 003Since everyone seemed to prefer to be where it was cool, we moved inside to entertain the guests as they arrived and mingled.  Monica, the Bride,  is from Venezuela and several Latin music selections were requested.  Maria served as the wedding planner and came around to let everyone know the ceremony would begin soon. So we moved outside , thankfully to a shady spot. Because of the heat, they began just a bit early.  We played 2 selections as everyone found their seats and we were playing Bach’s Jesu Joy of Man’s Desiring as Dan and the Pastor walked outside. I found out later Maria was also the Maid of Honor so she was unable to give us a signal.  It was funny how this was never mentioned in our planning conversations. There are always surprises!

As the ring bearer and flower girl appeared, we made a quick switch to the music chosen for them, The Wedding Song.  Maria followed and all took their places at the arch. As Monica made her way outside, we began to play the Wedding Processional from the Sound of Music. Because of the short walk it all went so quickly but worked just fine. As the Pastor introduced the newly married couple, we played Handel’s Le Rejouissance as the Wedding Party exited.  We followed that with When I’m 64 as the guests made their way up the steps to the back porch. Instead of staying outside, we moved back inside . Since the doors were kept open, everyone could still hear us and it was a relief to be back where it was cool.

As we finished the last requested selection and began to pack our things, we did get to speak with Monica and wish her congratulations. She looked so beautiful and was really lovely to us. She told us how much she enjoyed listening to our music as she was upstairs getting ready. That really made our day!  It was such a pleasure to be a part of this special day! Best wishes Dan and Monica!


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