Choosing wedding ceremony music

Schroer_Chatfield_DoreenKlinePhotography_114_0_lowIt is a month before Dana’s wedding so it is now time to talk about the music for her ceremony. I had emailed her a few days ago and asked her to look over her music forms, listen to the samples at the website and then we could talk. She lives in Colorado so the time difference had to be taken into account but when I received an email saying “how about now”, I quickly gave her a call. The wedding will be a beach wedding at the Marco Marriott and being a second marriage, she was not into too much fuss. She had decided on a violin and cello duo to provide her ceremony music. It was to be a small wedding and although she could have gone with just a solo instrument,  I like to recommend at least a duo since it is more interesting to listen to than a solo instrument. Since our fee was in her budget, she liked the idea.

We began by looking at my music form. After learning the name of her groom,  I confirmed the time frame, the location at the resort, her venue contact and who her Officiant would be.  Then I like to go over the people in the wedding party to help determine how many songs we may need. Dana and Keith have 2 Mothers and 1 Stepmom to be seated. Her daughter and 2 sons will stand up with them and so will be included in the processional.  Even though it is a long walk out to the beach at the Marriott on the tiki hut side, I recommended one song for the seating of the moms and the entrance of her children. We would decide on that song in just a bit.   Moving on, I asked her what she thought about her own music. I like to always suggest a separate song for the Bride’s entrance as it creates a touch of drama for that moment when she makes her appearance.  The choice would be a classical piece or contemporary. Dana said definitely a contemporary song.  Dana was great to work with because as we discussed each possibility and found them on the web to listen to, she was able to imagine it played by strings knowing the words would not be heard.  Marry You was a possible but did not quite grab her. When I suggested Lucky and mentioned I thought it had a nice beachy feel and even though the words would not be heard, the idea behind the song about marrying your best friend just got to me. And I think it got to her too. After a short silence, her tearful voice said ” that’s the one. It’s perfect”.

Now with that important song chosen, we went back to the first song. After  discussing the options, she decided on Just the Way You Are Amazing.  Next came music within the ceremony. The sand mixing ( the beach wedding version of the unity candle) gives a nice opportunity for background music. I explained to Dana that we would probably want something slower so it would not get in the way on what Dr. Dan Lamey, the Officiant,  would be saying. I had a new song on our list that I thought would be perfect and after hearing it, she did too. The choice-” Ludlows from the Legend of the Fall, a beautiful instrumental song.

Next came the Recessional song. This choice really needs to be lively. Once again Dana deliberated carefully, going through several of the options over and over. Finally choosing on Signed, Sealed ,Delivered, I’m Yours  because people would recognize it and it would be cute. I heard her giggle.

Lastly, we needed music for prior to the start of the ceremony and afterwards since we are booked for an hour an a half.  Going through the list, she gave me some specific songs she liked and then told me she liked country. She gave me a couple of titles of Keith Urban songs she liked and one song by Blake Shelton.  I looked up  and found most of them and checked to see if they would sound good as a duo arrangement. I think the songs she suggested will be great additions to our repertoire list and hopefully appeal to future brides also.

My next step to is to type all of this up into a fact sheet and email it to Dana for her approval. A week before the event, I email it again to check for any changes. I will also touch base with the venue contact, Hilary,  to confirm everything with her. An info sheet is sent out to my colleague, Diane. After putting our music books together, we are ready for this special day for Dana and Keith.


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