Marco Beach Ocean Resort

Rainy season is officially over but now we have a new challenge for our outdoor events. Along with the cold fronts that come through the area this time of year come strong winds. On this last weekend in October , we had a double whammy. Winds from Hurricane Sandy were affecting us along with the winds of an oncoming cold front. On Saturday, we must have had tropical storm force winds and  the forecast was only a little bit better for Sunday. When I arrived at the Marco Beach Ocean Resort for the Wedding Ceremony of Betty and Jack, it was a beautiful sunny afternoon but the winds were still very strong. As a result, the ceremony location had been moved from the beach to the garden terrace. This is on the 4th floor of the main building at the Resort and is a grassy area near the pool. We had never played in this area before and since we were better protected here from the wind than we would have been on the beach, we were very happy. Although you could not see the beach, it was a beautiful spot.

I had seen the truck for Botanicals on the Gulf as I arrived so I knew Kevin was there to weave his magic. As you can see by the pictures, it was lovely. I caught a glimpse of the room where the dinner would be held and Kehrin of Jet Set Wed along with Corrin of the Resort were putting on final touches. I got to see the beautiful cake made by Ella’s Cakes and saw DJ Ceron was also here to be a part of the celebration. As I made my upstairs, pictures of the wedding party were being taken by Nanette and Karl of Luminaire Photography.

I am soon joined by my colleagues Joan Stewart and Diane Coffman who make up the Seaside String Trio and we are providing the wedding ceremony music for this destination wedding of Betty and Jack from Pennsylvania. During my preparation with Betty, I learned that she and Jack had been together for many years and it took some convincing by him for her to marry him. So, she wanted us to play a piece as a surprise for him. After our prelude music of selections by Handel, Bach, Elgar and Mozart, Father Rick Ricardi and Rabbi Elliott Dicker led the Processional. As we played the Pachelbel Canon in D, Jack escorted his mother to her seat. Following them came the entrance of the Best Man and Matron of Honor.  We finished as the ring bearer and flower girl took their places. As everyone stood to welcome Betty, we played the Clarke Trumpet Voluntary. Within the service we played The Prayer for the sand ceremony.  Now for the surprise- as the couple exited after the breaking of the glass, we played the Hallelujah Chorus. After the happy applause died down and as the guests gathered for pictures, we played the Bach Brandenburg Concerto#3.

It was such a pleasure to meet Betty and Jack afterwards! We wish them a long and happy life together!


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