Marco Beach Ocean Resort

The really wonderful part of what we do is meeting a lot of terrific people. I don’t always get to meet our clients prior to the events; a lot of our communication is done by email and over the phone. So, it was a real pleasure to get to sit down and meet with Patricia and Jose about a month before their wedding. Since they live on the east coast of Florida, they were able to come to Naples to firm up their details and we met to discuss their music. I also got to meet Patricia’s best friend, Vanessa, who would be singing with us during the ceremony. It was really nice to get to know them!

With Tropical Storm Issac completely out of the picture, the days here seem a bit less humid and the chance of rain is very low for the next few days (quite unusual for September!). When I arrived at the Marco Beach Ocean Resort, it was such a beautiful day! Breezy with passing clouds that broke up the heat from the sun. The beach was filled with holiday tourists on this Labor Day weekend. I am joined by my colleague Diane Coffman and we are performing as the Seaside Strings Violin and Cello Duo for the wedding ceremony and cocktail hour.

We arrived at 5:30 and I met up with both Rabbi Michael Raab, the officiate, and Corrin Clark, the venue coordinator to double-check all the plans.  As we were setting up on the beach, Vanessa arrived so we could rehearse the Schubert Ave Maria. We had time to run through several times and I was glad to hear she felt very comfortable.

As the guests began to arrive on the beach, we performed lively classical pieces such as Rondeau by Mouret and selections by Corelli and Handel.  It was great to see Doreen Kline of Doreen Kline Photography taking the pictures. As I saw Rabbi Raab begin to walk down the boardwalk, we quickly switched music and began to play the Pachelbel Canon in D.  Jose followed with his two children. Then the Maid of Honor, Ring Bearer and Flower Girl made their way onto the beach and took their places. For the entrance of Patricia, escorted by her 2 sons, the music  was Hallelujah from Shrek. It worked perfectly!

Rabbi Raab performed a wonderful service in both English and Spanish. After the readings and the vows, the rings were placed in a shell and passed among the quests for the “Warming of the Rings.” I really like this tradition of each guest saying a silent prayer of good wishes for the couple.  During this, Vanessa came up and performed the two verses of the Ave Maria. It was so very moving- she really sang from her heart to the couple. What a very special moment!

After the exchange of rings we performed The Prayer for the Sand Ceremony. This was another special moment as all the children were involved in this symbolic joining of the families.

With the introduction of the couple, we began to play “Here Comes the Sun” as the wedding party exited.

The cocktail hour was also held on the beach and we got very lucky with the weather. Dark clouds were passing overhead , we could feel light spits of rain and could see it raining in the distance over the Gulf. But it did not require a change in plans or affect the enjoyment of everyone at all. For the cocktail hour, it was all pops music. The selections the couple chose were All You Need is Love, Beauty and the Beast, Don’t Stop Beleivin’, Have I Told You Lately, How Sweet It Is, I’ve Got You Under My Skin, Just the Way You Are, The Rose, and My Girl. Just as the sun began to set, we played Over the Rainbow. How about that for good timing!. The remaining songs were Stand By Me, That’s Amore, and Under the Sea. As we concluded with What a Wonderful World, the guests began to make their way to the resort for dinner.

It was great to get this picture of us with Vanessa.

Thanks ever so much to Patricia and Jose for having us be a part of this special day and thanks to the guests for their lovely comments about our music. Best wishes everyone!


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