Anniversary Serenade

I am part of another surprise! I got a call last week from Sherene who lives in Virginia. Her in- laws, Harriet and Stanley were about to celebrate their 57th anniversary and she wanted to do something special for them. Harriet was recovering in a rehab center after a fall she suffered last month. So, Sherene was limited in what she could do;  she could not send them out to dinner or a show. So, she thought  having me play my violin for them would be great. They were lovers of music; their son Marc is a very accomplished musician. After learning Harriet loves show tunes and classical music, I put together a playlist and emailed it to Marc for his approval. He heartily approved, so plans were set.

I arrived at the Harbor Chase Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing Center and checked in with the receptionist, learning the couple’s room number and getting directions . I was told they were in the dining room. They were told a surprise was due to arrive at 6.  When I arrived at the room, I did find them already there, finishing a dinner that Stanley had brought for them to enjoy. I introduced myself and explained I was there to play violin for them. It was great to see their pleasure!  I think Stanley was a little concerned about Harriet’s roommate but we did decide to stay in the room. As I began to play my Sound of Music Medley, I could hear the door behind me open a few times. I think we attracted a bit of curiosity. Following the medley, I played the Mozart Alleluia and then Some Enchanted Evening. Leah, the roommate,  having finished her dinner, came into the room and  sat to enjoy the concert too. The rest of my playlist included the Strauss Waltz, “You and You”,  Cheek to Cheek, the Very Thought of You, Debussy’s Clair de Lune, My Fair Lady Medley, Fly Me to the Moon, Elgar’s Salut d’ amour, Boccherini Minuet, Someone to Watch Over Me and I concluded with What a Wonderful World. I loved to hear them hum and sing with me. That is always the ultimate compliment!

I found out from Sherene that they couldn’t stop talking about it and that I really brightened their day. Best wishes to them both!  I really enjoyed meeting both of them and Leah, too!


One response to “Anniversary Serenade

  1. Playing for others is the best thing to do. I recently played for my relatives, who ate not music fans and they really enjoyed it. Great story!

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