La Playa Gulf Lawn

Another rainy weekend yet once again prayers were answered on this second Sunday in August. On this particular day, we had pretty steady rain throughout the day since morning. At about 6pm, it looked like most of it had passed and our evening wedding was going to be fine. As I approached the La Playa Resort, the sun was peeking out through the dark clouds. The radar showed me there was a patch of storms out in the gulf heading inland. I prayed it would hold off until our ceremony was over. Ah, summertime in southwest Florida!

It is not unusual to be contacted by a groom arranging for ceremony music. But what was special about this wedding was that our music was going to be a surprise for the Bride!  This was a destination wedding-the couple Brant and Jessica were from Atlanta. It was a small intimate wedding with only 8 guests and was held on the beautiful gulf lawn at La Playa I swear they have this grass looking like carpet! The tiki torches were lit and all was ready.

After having coordinated on the phone with Gail, the Concierge at the  La Playa Resort,  I checked in with her when I arrived. Brant was in the lobby so I got to meet him before I headed outside.  I was joined by my colleague, Joan Stewart, and we were performing today as the Seaside Strings Violin Duo. The Ceremony was due to begin at 7:15 and with the heat we were not sure when the guests would come out or if pictures were to be taken prior to the ceremony. We were ready to do what was required of us. As the dark clouds got closer and we heard the rumble of thunder I was beginning to worry once again. An update from Gail relayed  that the groom was a bit nervous too but the Officiate had not yet arrived.  As she went back inside, I noticed the clouds were staying just south. Thank goodness!

Not too much longer and I got the signal from Gail. Rondeau by Mouret was one of the requests for when the guests were being seated. We began to play and although we could see the guests lined up outside the restaurant , no one came out to be seated. We played it twice and continued on with other lively selections. As we were playing the Bouree and Hornpipe from Handel’s Water Music, the guests slowly approached the lawn. Everyone became part of the Processional and it worked perfectly. They came in couples and did not rush out all at once. Brant came and took his place. Now time for the Bride to appear. To the music of Pachelbel”s Canon, the beaming Bride made her entrance.

It was a short ceremony (I am guessing at the request of the groom) performed by Deborah Temirlioglu, a notary from Cape Coral. As she introduced the couple as Mr. and Mrs. , we began to play Vivaldi’s Spring.  The next request was for Purcell’s Trumpet Tune. As pictures were taken on the lawn, we continued to play lively classical pieces. Many guests came by to tell us how much they enjoyed our music and Brant came by to tell us how pleased he was too. I am so glad!!

As they headed inside for their dinner, our work was done. Gail told me the groom said it was all as he had envisioned. How wonderful is that! Best wishes to all!


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