A Day of Surprises

I love surprises! And on this Saturday in June, I was fortunate to be a part of 2 very special and very memorable events.  A long awaited wedding ceremony and a wedding proposal!

At the annual membership drive meeting of the National Association of Wedding Professionals, I had the good fortune of sitting next to Donna of Niche Event Rentals. She told me of a wedding ceremony on Saturday of two very good friends of hers, Mitch and Helen, and asked if I was available to play violin for them. It was planned for 2 pm in the afternoon on the beach at a private home in Port Royal. She wanted music from the 3o’s and 40’s, which I knew I had plenty. It was going to work out perfectly! It was a very interesting story. Mitch is in is 90’s, Helen in her 80’s and they have been together for over 40 years. She finally said yes so they were going to make it official! Paige Simpson of No Worries Weddings was doing the officiating today. When I arrived, Donna picked me in the golf cart and we loaded my stuff and headed to the beach.

It was all so lovely! She had two chairs set up behind the little table which had a bottle of champagne on ice and champagne glasses. The flowers that adorned the table added the perfect touch.  The ceremony location had a little table beside the floral display for the signing of the license. Along with Donna and her husband and her 2 friends, we had two people from the Naples Daily News covering the event for their community section. Here is the link to read more about Mitch and Helen’s story:


Right at about 2:00 Donna brought Mitch down to the beach in the golf cart so that was my cue to begin. I started to play” Isn’t it Romantic”.  When he saw me I could see him go “Oh” and then got a big smile on his face. I guess my being there was a surprise! When he started to hum and sing along with me, I knew it was a good song choice. Not long after that, Donna came back with Helen. As she made her way down to the beach I began to play the Bridal Chorus.  When she saw me, her face lit up too! It was wonderful! As Paige led the ceremony, I muted my violin and played in the background. All of Me, Always and Love is Here to Stay were the songs I selected. Once the kiss was done, several times in fact, I began to play the Wedding March which officially ended the ceremony. I continued to play music as they sat on the beach and enjoyed their champagne. What an adorable couple!

Then later that evening I was back to the beach at the 18th Avenue beach access for another surprise! I have been in contact with Jerry who wanted to add the special touch of live music to this occasion. What a romantic! He had brought champagne and glasses to my house for me to bring to the beach and later dropped off the table and tablecloth ( she was in the car when he did this!) I decided to add a vase of flowers and all was set.

The plan was for him to text me when they were on the way. After a very nice dinner at Tommy Bahama, it was time for them to enjoy a walk along the beach and sit to watch the sunset. It was a beautiful evening after a week of cloudy humid weather.  As they approached with their chairs and I began to play ” It Had to Be You”, I could tell she knew this was all for her. All the folks around us on the beach let up a cheer when it was obvious she said “Yes!” I felt “Isn’t it Romantic”  was appropriate for this occasion as well and after that I performed romantic classics as Jerry told me she enjoyed classical music. Among these were Salut d’amour,  Liebestraum, Clair de Lune, Arioso , The Swan,  and Theme from Scheherazade.

What a pleasure it was to play for this wonderful couple. Thank you Jerry for having me and congratulations to you and your fiancée, Oksana!


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