Morning Wedding on Marco Island

Because sunset weddings are so popular here on the west coast of Florida, it is a bit unusual to have a morning wedding. As I was traveling toward Marco Island just after 8 am, I was thinking that this is only the second time we have played a morning wedding. And a beautiful morning it is! The beach and water look so inviting and there is such a pleasant breeze. Our couple, Stephanie and Christopher,  have chosen a perfect day to get married at the Marco Beach Ocean Resort.

The flowers from Marco Island Florist look beautiful as always. Corrin has everything set up for us and is checking over the details on the terrace as I arrive. She never fails to greet you with her smile and cheerful hello. The 9:30 ceremony is on the beach and then we move to the terrace for the reception. It is also wonderful to see Doreen Kline doing the photography. Today I am joined by my colleagues who make up the Seaside String Quartet; Joan Stewart and Susan Sikuta, violinists and Diane Coffman, cellist.

Stephanie and Christopher have planned a wonderful ceremony. I had sent her our repertoire lists and very quickly she made her decisions for the ceremony and included her requests for the reception giving me freedom to choose the prelude.  Stephanie told me she loved musicals so I thought it would be appropriate to start with” Oh, What a Beautiful Morning”. I had prepared a mix of music for the prelude, playing such classical pieces as the lively Handel piece, Entrance of the Queen of Sheba and Mouret’s Rondeau along with the popular Love Story by Taylor Swift and Gershwin’s Someone to Watch Over Me. I could tell from her list that they were Beatles fans also so Here Comes the Sun was also on the playlist.

Reverend Edward Bellis of Vanderbilt Presbyterian Church led the wedding party onto the beach. To the music “Morning Has Broken”, the men entered, the Grandmother and Mothers were seated and then the three Bridesmaids took their places. A surprise change of music announced the arrival of the children- three young ring bearers and the flower girl. They were so excited to have their own music,” Star Wars”. What a fun choice!

Now it was time for Stephanie to arrive and she chose the music “Annie’s Song”.  The timing all worked perfectly!

Within the ceremony, following the vows, they planned something I had never heard of before, the “warming of the rings”. As we played The Lord’s Prayer, the rings were passed among the family members who gave their own silent prayers for the couple. After the rings were exchanged, the benediction and final prayer, the couple was introduced and that was our cue to begin “All You Need is Love”.

On to the terrace which offers such a beautiful view of the beach and the water. Corrin and her staff did a beautiful job setting up the tables and the cupcake table was getting a lot of attention from the guests. We continued to play the favorites that Stephanie and Christopher had selected; a lot of them are our newest additions to our repertoire including Frank Sinatra’s Love and Marriage and Come Fly With Me, Faithfully by Journey and Every Breath You Take by Sting. And, of course, we performed Broadway favorites and Beatles songs. We really appreciated the warm response we received from everyone!

Thank you so much to Stephanie and Christopher for having us be a part of this very special day! May you have a long and happy life together!


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