Catholic Service on the beach

The south beach at the La Playa Beach Resort was filled with orange-colored streamers proclaiming the wedding site of Mary Jane and Kevin. This destination wedding was unique. Guests numbered about 180,mostly from the Kansas City area, the Priest was flown in from California and we had the Seaside Strings Flute, Violin, Viola and Cello ensemble providing music along with Todd Peterson, vocalist.

Every detail was handled by Kathie Resop and her daughter Jacqui of Side by Side Destination Wedding Services. Kathie and I talked a couple of times before this particular wedding and I knew she would have everything we needed ready for us.

We arrived early to go over the music with Todd. As we were setting up, a steel band, Steel Cruzin’, was setting up on the lawn area. As the guests began to gather, they entertained everyone during the cocktail pre- wedding time. Twenty minutes before the Ceremony it was now time for us to start. I gave the steel band the signal that we were ready and we began with the Mozart Flute Quartet. I had worked with Margy, the Mother of the Bride , very carefully on the music. Lively was the order of the day!

Guests were escorted to the beach to the music of Boccherini and Handel.  Todd then joined us for the Mozart Alleluia from Exultate Jubilate. I could see they were almost ready so we played a quick movement from Handel’s Water Music Suite and then the signal came from Jacqui that they were ready. As we began to play Trumpet Tune by Purcell, two “sand” girls walked down the aisle with the sand filled vases that would later be used during the sand ceremony. Then the Grandparents were seated, the two Mothers were seated, and finally the Priest, Groom and the 12 Groomsmen took their places.

For the entrance of the Bridesmaids we played the Rondeau by Mouret. Since there were 10 girls, I appreciated Jacqui’s help once again in letting me know when the final girl was in place. We were able to time it perfectly!

For the Entrance of the Bride it was the Trumpet Voluntary by Clarke. Mary Jane looked beautiful as she was escorted onto the beach by her father. We ended just as she arrived before Father Suwalsky and Kevin.

After the greeting, opening prayer, and first reading, we accompanied Todd to Blessed Are Those by Haugen as the Responsorial Psalm. After the second reading, we all performed the Celtic Alleluia. The Gospel and Homily and Prayers of the Faithful followed and then the Wedding Party came forward for the Sacrament of Matrimony. Once vows were spoken, rings exchanged, Todd once again went to the microphone and we performed Hail Mary, Gentle Woman together. The Our Father was recited and Father Suwalsky gave the Nuptial Blessing. As the sun began to set, the sand  ceremony was performed to our music, Ode to Joy, with Todd singing the verses. The Closing Prayer and Blessing and Introduction of the Couple were quickly done and the newly married couple exited to Handel’s Le Rejouissance.

It was another very memorable event: beautiful location, wonderful weather, beautiful music, gorgeous sunset and happy people! Congratulations Mary Jane and Kevin!


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