La Playa Gulf Lawn

What a difference a day made. On Friday, the day was very overcast, cool and extremely windy. On Saturday, the sun was back out, the temperature was ideal and although still windy , it was a welcome breeze. Our lucky couple, Alexis and David from Colorado chose the right day to get married. It was a garden theme with the beautiful arch created by Jenny and Sarah of Lyfe of the Party.

Our event was at the La Playa Beach Resort. Today the couple chose the Seaside Strings Flute, Violin, Viola and Cello Ensemble so I was joined by my colleagues Wendy Willis on flute, Joan Stewart on violin and Diane Coffman on cello. It was a 4:30 ceremony so we were prepared to begin at 4:15. When the guests arrived to enjoy champagne prior to the Ceremony, we began to play. I was free to choose the music so I selected several pieces that complemented the flute in the group. We were helped today by Kathie Resop of Side by Side Destination Wedding Services. I was especially grateful when her assistant confirmed when all the Bridesmaids were in place. Sometimes it’s hard to count people and play at the same time!

It was a lovely ceremony performed by Reverend Thomas Harp. At the conclusion of the Ceremony, we shifted around just slightly and continued to play on the lawn for the Cocktail Hour. Alexis requested mostly classical music which the guests seemed to enjoy. It was another beautiful sunset which grabbed the attention of everyone. We are grateful to Alexis’s parents for coming by to say hello and tell us how much they enjoyed our music. All our best to Alexis and David!


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