La Playa Gulf Lawn

La Playa Beach Resort hosted the Wedding of Cathy and Brian on a beautiful Sunday afternoon in November.  It was a pleasure to perform violin with Megan, the niece of the Bride. Megan lives in the Indianapolis area and has studied cello for 6 years. Only a senior in high school, she performed with me as a professional! I know it was very special for Cathy to have Megan perform at her wedding and I know the entire family was very proud of her too.

I had chosen the music carefully, trying to select pieces that allowed the cello equal footing with the violin part. I also had suggested we perform a piece during the service that featured Megan on cello. Since Cathy and Brian were having a sand ceremony, it worked out perfectly to perform The Swan by Saint-Saens. It was a wonderful choice and she did a beautiful job! Big thanks go to Jim Dalia of A DJ With Class for handling the sound for us.

Megan’s dad took this picture of us together. I hope this will be a wonderful memory for her and will encourage her to continue her studies on the cello. Congratulations and best wishes to Cathy and Brian!


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