Wedding at 8th Avenue South, Naples

Today was the wedding ceremony for Amanda and Ryan, a couple from Michigan. The Seaside String Trio provided the live music so today I was the violist in the group.They chose 8th Avenue South for their location, one of the most beautiful natural settings for a wedding in Naples. The palm trees line the path creating a perfect aisle. Although a cold snap last winter had hit them pretty hard, they have recovered and look beautiful once again.

Electa Saker and her staff from the Hilton Naples did a beautiful job with the setup.

I was checking the radar all day as the forecast was not good. We did have a backup location, the Hilton, but we always hate to have to resort to plan B. It started to sprinkle on and off and finally did start raining. Electa was ready to move it- not a decision I would want to make! After checking with Amanda we decided to wait it out and good thing we did. The rain stopped and we quickly reset. The guests were on their way and we would start immediately not taking any chances for the weather to get bad again. We had our window of opportunity.

The guests entered to the sound of Rondeau by Mouret. We  followed that with Handel’s Allegro and then got the signal from Electa that the Mothers were ready to be seated. Reverend Russ Winn took his place up front. The three mothers entered to Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring by Bach.  The Mother of the Groom and then the Mother of the Bride both came to the sand ceremony table to pour a little sand in the single vase before being seated. This was a nice way to do this.

Three Bridesmaids entered wearing beautiful light pink dresses to the Pachelbel Canon in D. Because the aisle is fairly short here, we decided to have Amanda enter to this also. The timing worked great that we were at the faster notes, which is everybody’s favorite spot, when she walked down the aisle in her lovely ivory dress.

Ceremony began, vows were said, rings were exchanged and then came the sand ceremony. We had chosen Gluck Minuet for this, a nice light airy piece. After the kiss and introduction, the Wedding party exited to Handel’s Hornpipe. We did it! No rain spoiled this couple’s day. Congratulations and best wishes!


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